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Here you will find our most recent Bible Study. These studies are taken from various sources, no denominational affiliation is to be infered.

Daniel Chapter 7

By T. Raiche posted May 3, 2016

The book of Daniel is not written in chronological order, Chapters 5 and 6 happened after chapter 7 during the reign of the Medo-Persian empire.
Who was given the dream that is found in Chapter 7 and what did he do with it?

DAN 7:1 _________________________________________________________________________________
Read the dream found in verses 2-14.

DAN 7:2 4 winds from heaven. Ruach YC41 - breath. - spirit. -Spirit - blast - tempest. Therefore it could represent energy or activity ordained by heaven.

"the great sea" what does the "sea" represent in Bible prophecy?

REV. 17:15 _______________________________________________________________________________

What then would verse three be telling us?

DAN 7:3 __________________________________________________________________________________

Who is verse 4 talking about?

DAN 7:4 __________________________________________________________________________________

Why lion?  Known as the king of beasts. An animal who no fear, the lion hearted referred to King Richard because of his bravery.

Why Eagles Wings? ________________________________________________________________________

ISA 40:31 _________________________________________________________________________________

Eagles are master of the skies. Their wings depict strength. Kings of the air. Babylon was the king of the nations, the symbol of dominance and strength. 

What does "made to stand" upon feet as a man and a man's heart refer to?

DAN 7:4 ___________________________________________________________________________________

DAN 7:5 ___________________________________________________________________________________

the ribs represent who? The ________________, _________________, and __________.

What role did King Cyrus play in this? 

DAN 8:3,4 This kingdom is depicted as a two horned Ram = Medo - Persia.

This kingdom corresponds with the chest and arms of Daniel 2 and represents the kingdom of the Medes and the Persians.

A bear is in some respects, is considered to be inferior to the lion, because it is not as smart, or as crafty, yet it is ferocious and capable of great destruction. 

"Three ribs in it's mouth," probably refers to the three great kingdoms that the Medes and the Persians conquered. Lydia, Babylon, and Egypt, who were in alliance against Cyrus.

DAN 7:6 ______________________________________________________________________________________

This is the kingdom of Greece, the belly and thighs of the brass of Daniel 2. As a leopard is swifter than a lion and four wings faster than two, so the kingdom of Greece conquered the world in a very short time. This beast had four heads showing that this kingdom would be ruled by four kings.

Dan 8;5, 21 Same as the goat with great horn = Greece & Alexander the Great.

Alexander the Great was only 25 years old when he became king of Greece and by the time he was 32 he had conquered the world. He died in 323 BC. He was only 32 years old. He had conquered the world in 7 ears. Through the following 12 years the kingdom went through many leaders who tried to keep the kingdom of Greece as one but in the end the kingdom was divided among four generals. Cassander, Lysimachus, Seleucus, and Ptolemy. Ptolemy (and Cleopatra) became king of the territory which included Egypt and Palestine and part of Syria. Cassander had Macedonia, with nominal sovereignty over Greece. Lysimachus had Thrace and a large part of Asia Minor. Seleucus had the bulk of what had been the Persian Empire - part of Asia Minor, Northern Syria, Mesopotamia and the east. All of these four kingdoms were either destroyed or they became part of the Roman empire.

These details of the past show us God's sovereignty in all of these circumstances, as prophesized by Daniel.


By Rev. Harry Davies posted Novemeber 30, 2015

Johan was a good man, he was just a bit of a procrastinator. God had a plan, but he didn't wnat to follow what God had ordered. SO he got ate by a big fish and thought about it for three days.... funny  how it was three days until Jesus was resurected as well.... then he was barfed up on the beach to try again. Oh those ninavites... they were such awful people, God are you serious? 

His plan is not always our own. What we might want to avoid, always comes back to haunt us until we do what God wants to do.

Dont become fish barf because you don't want to serve our most holy God. It might be longer than three days next time....


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